Akashic Records Consultation

Akashic Records Consultation

One significant source of stress, anxiety, sleep and eating disorders is that daily we are knowingly and unknowingly bombarded by sensory input. Natural and unnatural. Distracting, disconnecting, dissolving, and slowly disempowering us from our own intuition. This intuition which allows us to act with clarity and decisiveness, is slowly being taken away.
It is a kind of toxicity over time in a way that is subtle, yet eroding. If we all had our basic questions answered such as life purpose, ideal food intake, career trajectory, etc, most of us would be perfectly capable of sitting absolutely still at the end of the day for at least 20 minutes, rather than binging on Netflix, alcohol, desserts or packaged carbs, etc.
The objective of this consultation is to definitively answer some of your burning questions in a way where you can effectively and efficiently realize them on your own. In realizing self-empowerment.
Finally! Answers to specific and personal questions within the realms of:

Finally! Answers to specific and personal questions within the realms of:

How It Works

To quote Zeo Sheehan, ‘Akashic Records are a person’s cosmic databank where the truth of all that ever was, is and will be is stored. It is basically all the things that ever happened to a person or to a soul. So whatever was part of your journey, whatever you’ve experienced, all your impressions, everything is stored there in that field of information. When you access the Akashic Records, you can either have just pure insight – read only, or you can use that information to transform your energy (and activity) and accordingly, there will be a change made in the Akashic Records.
Let’s say I find out that I have a really huge fear of drowning, because I’ve drowned multiple times in other lifetimes. So if I then work on that, or I release the fear and the panic, and I do some transformation around that, then the Akashic Records will change accordingly. It’s not that my past life would change, but in the future, I would not keep experiencing the same issue.
Depending on your energy and desired outcome I will ask you to write down specific questions you would like answered related to the above topics, and bring them with you to a face-to-face or Zoom session. You will need a device to record your session, so that the questions asked and the answers given can both be audibly recorded.
I will use your full legal name to say a prayer and then once your Akashic Records are opened, you may ask as you wish, or wait for a ‘download’ of answers and insight from your own masters to be voiced through me. Once your records are opened, whatever is spoken is just utilizing me as a channel, and any and all information will be forgotten once the session is over.

How This Works?

Essentially, the body in its entirety is functioning as a brain. Your body ‘remembers’ every sense it receives, subtly, or harshly, consciously and unconsciously, and so it is a collection of memories, in cellular form. Your body has multiple storage layers of this memory from fascial, to muscular, to vascular to skeletal, etc.
Traumatic, or repetitively stressful events experienced over a period of time accumulate in the body eventually causing cellular starvation – what you may feel as stiffness, muscle tightness, or chronic pain, and accordingly the body adapts itself posturally and emotionally to avoid use of those areas and functions. This shows up as one leg longer than the other, or one shoulder higher than the other, or one side kidney function better than the other.
To safely restore cellular and emotional health, step-by-step releasing is done through a customized series of touch therapy, guided breathwork, voicing, visualization and movement to your needs.
Each session lasts between 2 to 4 hours with the initial session being a minimum of 2.5 hours in order to fully and safely prepare the body for changes to occur. An individual may require between 3 to 6 sessions depending on the issue and length of symptoms.

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