About Me

I am unmatched in seeing exactly where you are now, and how far you as an empowered being can reach.
Such words, ideas, concepts never existed for me. I’ve experienced heart-break depression, alcoholism, eating disorders, PTSD, insomnia, stress, anxiety, and more. But through my innate stubbornness, grit and overwhelming desire to return to emotional and physical well-being through nature, here I am embodied and representative of what empowerment can achieve.
So, what are these tools you ask, and what have I achieved?
The answer to the second question is, far more than my imagination and desire could ever bring. The answer to the first question is 16 years of spiritual and movement practices, dance, acrobatics, and the desire to learn and experience life in its’ fullest. All these have given me the capability to help others see where they are and how far they can grow.
Why do I choose to do this? What convinced me in devoting my life to helping people achieve their fullest potential? It’s simple. I absolutely love it! There is so much unnecessary suffering indirectly and directly around me and when I look at those, I see a part of my life where I was suffering too, it’s simply not a choice, with my capability not to be a solution. With my uniquely blended techniques of massage bodywork, breathe-work, and guided meditation, distilled from some of the greatest teachers, practitioners and masters, allow me to serve you on your journey of well-being and endless possibility.

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